Reading as a Process of Predicting

2.4          Reading as a Process of Predicting

                Reading has been considered only as a visual activity, because we do with the eyes. But, in The Book of Study Skills for Students of English, Yorkey (1982:100) stated reading is not only a visual activity. It is more than just simply run your eyes accumulating information as each words, phrase, and sentences is progressively recognized. Reading is also an active process of predicting what is likely to come next. Our brain processes the visual information from our eyes, rapidly forming and revising hypotheses about the form and content of what you are reading.

                Thus, in this study the writer conclude that pre-questioning as the strategy to build up and to rise the students’ skill in predicting what will face by them in the whole text.

Reading as a Process of Predicting | Moch Wahib Dariyadi | 4.5

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